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Bar code label


Our bar code labels are available in different shapes and materials and can be therefore used in different areas. You can choose between the durable plastic labels, paper labels or weatherproof metal labels that even can be used at harsh environmental conditions.

Each label can be customized with bar codes, logo, sequential numbering or other information.

Plastic label Paper label Metal label

A bar code is an optoelectronical scripture consisting of different widths, parallel lines and spaces. In this case the word "code" is not an encryption but an image data into binary symbols. With bar code scanners or cameras the data of bar code can be read and processed by machine.

There are two different types of bar codes. The better-known type with numbers or letters is probably the one-dimensional bar code. This one is primarily used on packaging and products.

Due to their structure two-dimensional bar codes can store much more information, such as product names and descriptions, links to websites, contact information etc. Recently they are used for marketing purposes. By scanning the code you will get hidden information.


What are the benefits of bar code technology?

 Automatically and safely in the function
 Common technology
 Uniform standards
Very low investment costs
 Fast acquistion

Applications of bar codes

Identification of commercial products
In warehouses (e.g. scanning of incoming and outgoing goods)
Batch tracing
Marketing purposes