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HF label


On this page you will get an overview about our RFID tags with HF range. RFID labels with HF are ideal for product identification, iventory labels, type plates, source protection, pharmacy, library and archives.

Please take a look at our overview about the specific characteristics of our HF labels. Here you will find necessary information which product is right for your application.


Product Frequency  
 Dimensions  Applications
ID-RFID-HF 13,56 MHz  Variable   Product identification, type plates, inventory labeling, source 
 tagging, reusable packaging, pharmacy, library, automotive
ID-RFID-HF-XS 13,56 MHz  36x18 mm  Product identifications for smallest dimensions, type plates,
 source, tagging, reusable packaging, pharmacy, automotive etc.
RFID labels for driving licences 13,56 MHz  Ø 18 mm
 Marking of plastic cards (driver's licenses, access control etc.)