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In-mould label


The conventional method of decorating, detailing or labeling plastic containers is to use an additional printing process or to subsequently apply self-adhesive labels.

The use of in-mould labels makes it possible to achieve a higher quality in decorative printing and provide individual, continuous labelling with machine-readable barcodes.

ID-INCAP® labels from ID-LABEL GMBH are the perfect solution for this type of demanding work. ID-INCAP® labels are made of a polyolefin polymer and are suited to polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) containers and many other injection-moulded plastics.

High resolution, multi-coloured and customized printing is used on ID-INCAP® labels which are cut to size. High quality coating protects the surface from mechanical impacts and from UV rays.

In the injection moulding process, the ID-INCAP® labels are placed in the injection mould by a handling system. They are held in position there either by electrostatic charge or by vacuum.

The fluid plastic is injected into the mould, embedding the label seamlessly in the surface of the injection-moulded container. In contrast to self-adhesive labels which are applied subsequently, ID-INCAP® labels have no shoulders at the edges, thus leaving no points open to contact.

Because of the nature of the raw materials, ID-INCAP® labels are permanently attached to the plastic of the container and they cannot be removed or stuck on to other containers afterwards. Containers with ID-INCAP® labels can be cleaned without any problem in cleaning equipment with the usual cleaning agents and also with steam jets.

ID-INCAP® labels are suitable for containers in clean room technology and for the medical, pharmaceutical and food industry.