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Application "inventory"


The unambiguous marking of inventory and products in a company is getting more important. Thus the stock for the inventory assessment can be determined not only fast and accurate in every detail but above all effectively and faultless at any time. Self-adhesive labels made of durable polyester or anodized aluminum are very suitable for this purpose. Those labels mark office equipment, machinery and production lines permanently and tamper-proof.


Aluminum labels for inventory offer many advantages:

    • Durable
      Labels are durable and weather resistant, UV resistant and resistant to chemicals, solvents and extreme temperatures.
    • Compatible
      They can be easily integrated into existing asset management systems.
    • Long-lasting
      The bar codes remain even under extreme environmental conditions up to 30 years to be read without any exchange or that replacement is necessary.
    • Safe
      They prevent errors that occur through manual data input and ensure secure information.
    • Efficiency
      They provide a simpler and faster data input, a greater productivity and reduce labor costs.


For labeling the inventory we offer various solutions:

    • Labeling of factory and office equipment
    • Labeling machines


Please contact us, if you want to mark your inventory. You face the challenge, we have the solution.