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Application "libraries & archives"


Bar code, and of course more often RFID labels, are particular well suited to mark the asset over decades. By marking a book with a bar code and embedded RFID chip the rental and return system can not only be optimized, several books can be “read” at the same time and assigned to the user, but also the current asset can be determined by a quick inventory.

Integrated safety features protect against theft and provide a safe “self-rental” for extended opening times. Bar code and RFID-labels can also be applied in archives and simplify document managements.


RFID in libraries and archives has many advantages:

    • Rental system
      „Self-rental“, batch processing, no positioning or opening necessary, restitution machines.
    • Theft security
      Registration, which medium has been purloined.
    • "Smart shelf"
      Immediately detection in the shelf set or taken out media.


For labeling in libraries and archives we offer several solutions:

    • Marking of books and other media
    • Labeling of CD-ROM, CD-Audio, DVD
    • User cards


Please contact us, if you want to mark your products in libraries and archives. You face the challenge, we have the solution.