Application "medicine"


In medicine and pharmacy bar code labels are of highest relevance. Self-adhesive and tamper labels with licensed, certified and diffusion-free adhesion play a crucial role in blood donor service, in hospitals and laboratories. Certainly the unambiguous assignments of donors and patients, of Cryo Vials and results have been ensured in all circumstances. Confusions and manipulations are excluded. Our products have the ISEGA release and are therefore approved for direct contact with medical products, in this case blood bags, and foods which have been washed before eating.


RFID and bar code labels in medicine offer several advantages:

    • Cost allocation
      By using bar code labels treatment costs can be easily detected and optimization potential if necessary can be identified.
    • Patient’s security
      Patient’s security will rise significantly by the use of bar code, medication errors can be avoided.
    • Protection against forgery
      The authenticity of preparations can be confirmed with RFID.


For labeling in medicine we offer various solutions:

    • Labels for blood bags
    • Cross-matching labels
    • Marking of assay vial


Please contact us, if you want to mark your products in medicine. You face the challenge, we have the solution.