European Day of bicycle

2014-06-03 16:26


Each year on June the 3rd is the European Day of bicycle. 16 years ago this day was established to show that the bicycle is not only the most environmentally friendly but also the healthiest transportation. This is the reason to think about the marking of bicycles to prevent theft or just for the inventory. 

In Germany all 80 seconds a bike is reported as stolen. This is around 330.000 bikes a year. A unique identification of bicycles might not protect against theft, but make it at least a little harder for thieves. Bikes with a permanent marking are more difficult to sell and are therefore unattractive for thieves – or shall we say – less unattractive. Some police departments offer a free graved coding. It has been demonstrated: If the traceability of stolen bicycles were previously at 6%, the detection rate at marked bikes could have been increased up to 30%.

But still another reason is important for marking bicycles. Due to the increasing density of traffic in large cities more and more people come back to the bike. To promote use and to count theft, in many cities there are already rent a bike stations. Those who have such a station, it is not only important to get a qualitative and quantitative assessment for the inventory but also for maintenance and insurance purposes the inventory is always monitored and protected.

By marking a bike with a durable and tamper-proof label, the asset for the inventory can be determined fast and detailed but above all effective and error-free at all times. For this particular our self-adhesive labels made of anodized aluminum are very suitable. Those labels are more resistant than conventional plastic labels and can be employed permanently outside. The gluey back side allows the use even on rounded and metallic surfaces and is therefore well suited for the marking of bicycles.

Do you have a particular application for using labels or do you want to mark your products for facilitate traceability? 

Do not hesitate to contact us. Together we will find the right solution for you and your challenge. All of our labels are customized and individually produce to your various requirements. 

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