2D codes

2012-07-09 11:36


Today we'd like to explain various ways in which 2D codes are used as a form of identification.


The most known example is using 2D codes on a variety of printed materials. Therefore the code has not to be printed only on magazines, posters or business cards but also on labels or stamps. Entrance cards or tickets are hard to imaginecwithout 2D codes. Almost every document is marked eben with those small codes. And if you look closer you discover 2D codes on a variety of packaging, on chocolate or potato chips. Huge buildings and walls are already market for promotion and a label on a company cars generate interest and curiosity.

Look around. You will see 2D codes are more and more in use.

You want to have printed a 2D code on your business cards or on labels and maybe you also want to use a NFC tag? Please contact us. Together we will find the right solution for you and your challenge.


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