Identification of shoes

2013-05-27 12:08


Even if it does'nt look like: Summer is coming and with it warm temperatures. Boots and winter shoes gehts packed away and the airy footwear will be used.

Speaking of shoes… Did you know that the identification of shoes in shoe stores makes much sense?

Labels under the shoe of your choice ensure the shoe shop an organized warehouse management. How good is it to know that the desired shoe is in stock or if not in stock at the supplier. Maybe the shoe exist in the right size or in a different color. Therefore all shoes must be fitted with a matching label on the sole and connected to an appropriate database. With scanning the bar code the shoe store gets all important information.

Do you also have a special area where you want to use labels? Maybe you also think about using RFID?

Please contact us. Together we will find the right solution for you and your challenge.


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