2015-02-26 09:13


Did you know that we sell also NFC tags which can be bonded on metal substrates?

This week we'd like to inform you about a tag, which can be read from very close distance, is working in HF range but can be especially applied on metal - our NFC-ON-METAL.

Typically RFID tags, whether with HF or UHF, are not for the application on metal. Through the metal substrate the power supply gets disturbed and because of that the tag can not be read. The special feature of NFC-ON-METAL is the thicker base on which the tag is attached. The disruptive effects are screened and the label is still readable.

There are many ways in which NFC-ON-METAL can be used. Just think about it once it its perhaps something for your area. Even if the use of RFID does not come into consideration for you because of the relatively high costs, maybe  for you is interesting the marking with durable labels oder with labels, which get destroyed on removal and are therefore particularly tamper-proof.


Please contact us. Togehter we will find the right solution for you and your challenge.


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