2013-02-25 11:07


Nearly four weeks ago we exhibited at the LOGISTIK 2013 in Hamburg.


There, especially one thing beside our products attracked attention - our Roll-Up.

Created in the design of our campaign, with a huge QR-Code in the centre and about 2 metres high, it attracked many visitors. Some asked us: Do you also create such codes?

This is what we now use for explaining. What is a QR-Code and what do we have to do with it?

QR-Codes (QR=Quick Response) have been an integral part of modern marketing for so long. They can be found wherever you want to allow customers a quick access to a variety of information, for example in magazines, on flyers, posters, packaging and products. QR-Codes are used as an istrument for mobile marketing for some time and have been developed into an a useful tool. With the help of an app the code can be detected and decoded and thus provides the user web addresses, advertising messages and other information.

We are a producer of products for identification, like bar code and RFID label. There we don't just use classical bar codes, but even 2D- and QR-Codes.

You would like to have visit cards or label which are printed with a QR-Code and includes also a NFC tag? Please contact us. Together we will find the right solution for you and your challenge.

By the way: Nearly 25 percent of a QR-Code can be destroyed without loosing any functionality. Please try it.


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