Resistant Labels

2012-08-27 10:26


Did you know that there are labels which are particularly weather-proof?


Fall is approaching and with it not only the most beautiful time of the year but also a weather that demands the labels which are used outdoor a lot. How good is it to know that you are using labels that can be used without any problems in those weather conditions?

For permanence, long life and high readability, the bar code label designed to perform in any environment
is Metalphoto. Made from quality anodized aluminium, Metalphoto labels outlast conventional bar code
labels. Images are crisp and clear, sealed beneath a sapphire-hard anodic surface. And that means, exceptional
durability under the most stressful conditions.

Do not only use our metal label for identifications outside. Metal label are not only weatherproof and UV-resistant, but also resistant to chemicals, solvents and extreme temperatures. Therefore they are well suited for the identifications of machines and office equipments in companies. So, the inventory for the valuation gets quickly, detailed, effective and accurate identified at all times.


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