RFID in construction industry

2014-09-05 08:05


Today we present you a product that has been designed in close consultation with the customer.


The company IOMTech from Berlin needed for the new ADAC headquarter in Munich, a robust label that will not stick only to the "difficult" materials that are found on a construction site and is printed with all relevant information in form of a data matrix codes but also includes an RFID transponder having a relatively high storage capacity. With the help of these labels breakthroughs of walls and ceilings should be marked with requirements on fire protection. In cooperation with IOMTech ID-LABEL GMBH developed a robust RFID plastic label that withstand the required standards.

By using these RFID / bar code labels the degree of recognition of components and checkpoints in construction projects got increased to almost 100%. Besides they allow in hard to reach ceilings, walls and floors the safe retrieval of defined test points and components. The use of these labels opens in construction previously impossible perspectives. Not only for the construction phase but also for the entire life cycle of a property.


Do you also have a special project and want to make the identifcation of parts as easy as possible? Please feel free to contact us. Together we will find the right solution for you and your challenge.


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