Tamper-proof labels

2012-10-01 08:15

Do you already know our RFID labels especially for tamper-proof applications?


Those RFID labels are ideal for the marking of identification mediums such as access cards or driver's licences and provide therefore the presence of those safely. Does exist e.g. a valid driver's license? This protection against manipulation preserves fraudulent attempts.

Use our ID-RFID-HF-FS labels in order to be always on the safe side.

ID-RFID-HF-FS is a small, round tag with a diameter of 18 mm. At removal of the transponder label from the substrate the RFID function gets destroyed.* The label operates in the HF range of 13.56 MHz. Due to the diameter the range is tuned to a few centimeters.

ID-RFID-HF-FS can be customized with bar codes and logos and other information.

*Depending on the substrate and duration of the bond.


Please contact us. Together we will find the right solution for you and your challenge.


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