World Blood Donor Day

2013-06-14 09:30


Did you already know, that today is World Blood Donor Day?


Therefore we'd like to show you a products that is developed and produced in close contact to the customer but is also very demanding in production - labels for blood bags.

We produce a costumized bond bringing diverse raw materials together and connect the top layer of the material, the adhesive and the backing paper (liner). In the secondary production process product-specific die cuts and tack-free surfaces gets considered. The result is a highly complex product that is specifically used in mobile blood donation systems and is already in use for several years. With the high-quality screen printing we meliorate the label with costumized logos.

Self-adhesive and tamper labels with licensed, certified and diffusion-free adhesion play a crucial role in blood donor service, in hospitals and laboratories. Especially because the adhesive bonds also on moist surfaces and is very suitable for low temperatures.

Just in Germany around 15.000 blood donations are  needed every day to cover the growing demand of blood products. The result is an annual consumption of about 5 million donations. 6.6 million blood donations covered the demand but due to the short shelf life of blood, there are especially on holidays every year again bottlenecks.

Do you also have a blood transfusion service and are looking for a new supplier for blood bag labels? Maybe you are also thinking about using RFID? 

Please contact us. Together we will find the right solution for you and your challenge.


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