World Book Day

2014-04-23 09:23


23.4. is World Book Day.


Did you know that books in libraries and archives gets marked with RFID for several years?

Radio Frequency Identification (short RFID) is a wireless operating process for the identification of goods, pallets, containers and farm animals. It is an electronic process which operates without contact and transfers the goods data over a certain distance with radio, inductive or resonance coupling and is used for several years in many areas.

For using RFID labels in libraries a label with chip and integrated antenna as soon as a corresponding reader is needed. Because of this RFID labels the media can be recorded and secured at the same time. Especially interesting for libraries: By marking a book with a bar code and integrated RFID chip the system for borrowing and returning gets optimated. Several books can be "read" at the same time and assigned to the user and the current stock can be determined by a quick inventory at any time.

Generally for this application passive chips with a frequency of 13,56 MHz, so-called HF labels, are used. Due to their relatively short range about 50 cm they are ideal for product identfication.

Integrated security features protect against theft and enable an secure "self-borrowing" for extended opening times. Also in archives bar code and RFID labels can be used for identification and facilitate therefore the document management.


Of course, our bar code and RFID labels can be use in different areas. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Together we will find the right solution for you and your challenge!


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