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NFC label


Near Field Communication (abbreviation NFC) is an international broadcast standard for contactless exchange of data over short distances up to 4 cm.

Special feature of NFC-tags is that they can be read by a couple of smartphones and mobile phones and becomes interesting for general users. NFC-Tags exist in various forms and with various chips.

Pros NFC tags

Please take a look at our overview about the specific characteristics of our NFC-Tags.
There you'll get the necessary information about which product is the best for your application.


Product Frequency  
 Dimensions  Applications
ID-RFID-NFC  13,56 MHz

 Ø 38 mm, Ø 25 mm,
 18x36 mm

 Location identification, service control, product identification,
 inventory, labeling, type plates, source tagging, reusable
 packaging, pharmacy, automotive etc.
NFC-ON-METAL  13,56 MHz  variable
 On metal surface, location identification, service control,
 product identification, inventory, labeling, type plates, source
 tagging, reusable packaging, pharmacy, automotive etc