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Advantages of NFC tags


  • Intuitive:
    NFC interactions require no more than a simple touch.


  • Versatile application:
    NFC is very well suited to the broadest range of industries, environment and uses, like cashless payments, event-ticketing, transportation, health sector or access controls.


  • Open but standards-based:
    NFC technology follows clearly defined, standardized or established standards such as ISO or ECMA and is designed to be as open to provide application developers maximum opportunities.


  • Security:
    NFC technology is limited to the vicinity and because of this particularly well suited for secure data transmissons. NFC transmissions occur over short distances (up to only a few centimeters). Besides NFC has been developed to advanced carrying out security techniques such as encrypted data transmissions.


  • Interoperatibility with existing technologies:
    NFC can be combined with most existing data transmission techniques.