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RFID label


We produce printed and blank RFID labels for the HF (High Frequency), UHF (Ultra High Frequency) and NFC (Near Field Communication) range. Therefore we combine our blank labels or our bar code label with RFID inlays. At printing the labels, we write the sequential numbering or required encryption to the chip memory. 

RFID label with HF range NFC tags RFID-Label with UHF range RFID Hard Tags

Radio Frequency Identification (short RFID) is a wireless operating process for the identification of goods, pallets, containers and farm animals. It is an electronic process which operates without contact and transfers the goods data over a certain distance with radio, inductive or resonance coupling. A RFID system consists of a data medium, the RFID tags, the antenna and the RFID reader.

The distance between the tag and the RFID reader depends on the type of RFID tag, the shape and the size of the antenna, the frequency and the RFID transmisson and may be between a few millimeters and up to a few meters.


What are the benefits of RFID technology?

 Very fast reading operation = cost and time savings
Readable without visual contact
High security due to copy protection/encryption
 Exact positioning of goods
Optimized timing for the delivery of goods
 Complete traceability
 Reduction of shrinkage
 "Smart shelf" allows a continuous inventory
 Anti-theft device
 Simultaneous detection of many transponders by batch capture


Applications of RFID

Vehicle identification
Personal identification (e.g. ID card, passport, access control)
 Authentication of medicine
Textile and clothing industry and accessoires and jewelry
 Animal identifcation
 Asset and inventory management in logistics, libraries and archives
 Positioning in industry but also in hospital logistics
 Time recording (e.g. sports, work)
 Entry and access control