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Application "warehouse & logistics"


Bar code labels are often applied in warehouses. They do not only identify programs, shelves, bins and pallets but also storage spaces on the ground, e.g. with a bar code in a sturdy steel frame. So those are best protected from the harsh daily applied load of industrial trucks and forklifts. The products of ID-LABEL GMBH guarantee a high degree of flexibility, speeds and lowest error rates in data acquisition about distances from a few centimeters to several meters.

Labels with integrated RFID-chips with HF (High Frequency) or UHF (Ultra High Frequency) become increasingly important in logistics. They guarantee an effective and safe application for identifications which are not directly accessible or visible und allow batch captures of pallets, crates and containers including their contents.


The application of RFID offers several advantages:

    • Transparency
      Accurate positioning of goods and optimized timing for the delivery of goods, complete traceability.
    • Money and time savings
      Batch capture and acceleration of the inventory, considerable cost reductions in the supply chain.
    • Optimizations of warehouse and inventory management
      Reduction of loss, optimized product availability.


We offer various solutions for identifications in warehouse and logistics:

    • Floor markings
    • Shelf labeling
    • Pallet and container labeling


Please contact us, if you want to mark you products in warehouse and logistics. You face the challenge, we have the solution.